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Online date: 07/10/2023


Date of last update: 07/10/2023


The Site is published by MAÏGY. These General Conditions of Use and Sale, as well as the Legal Notices, are permanently accessible from the Site.


1.1. MAÏGY offers through the Site the sale of subscriptions to online dance content, bringing together dance programs, in order to support dancers, as well as the sale of accessory and derivative products.

1.2. These General Conditions of Use and Sale (hereinafter “CGUV”) are intended to exclusively govern all commercial relations resulting from the Use of the Site Services by Users having the status of Consumers ( hereinafter, “the User”).

1.3. Use of the Site, the Subscriber Account, Subscriptions purchased and products purchased is strictly reserved for private and personal use. 

1.4. The Site and the products and services they offer are open to all countries in the world which do not generally prohibit or regulate the activity of providing online dance content. In the event that the Site or its services are in whole or in part prohibited or in violation of the national law of the User, it is up to the latter to renounce accessing it from this territory or from any other territory where it would also be prohibited or deemed illegal. 

1.5. These CGUV are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and the French Consumer Code.

1.6. Together with the online order, the General Terms and Conditions constitute the contractual documents enforceable against the parties, to the exclusion of all other documents, prospectuses, catalogs and photographs of the Services which have only an indicative and non-contractual value.

1.7. The Company reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions as much as necessary as well as the editorial content and prices, at any time and without notice, depending on the evolution of the Site and its products and services, as well as the evolution of the legislation. The use of the Site, platforms, systems and any other functionality offered by MaïGy is always subject to the most recent version of the CGUV available.

1.8. The equipment allowing access to the Site is the sole responsibility of the User, as are the connection costs incurred by use.

1.9. The Site warns the User of the need to have a secure internet connection, allowing access to content from the medium of their choice (computer, tablet, mobile phone, TV):

1.10. All terms beginning with a capital letter are defined in Article 2.


Site: Refers to the available on all Android and Apple devices. They are published by MaïGy and offer the User all the products and services offered for sale.

User: Any capable natural person of legal age or over 16 years of age with the agreement and presence of their legal guardians, acting for personal and private purposes which do not fall within the scope of their commercial, industrial, artisanal or liberal activity . 

Subscription/Formula: monthly (1 month), half-yearly (6 months), annual (1 year) formula, tacitly renewable, or three-year formula (3 years), including inseparably access to the programs described on the Site. Joining a subscription requires the User to create a Subscriber Account.

Subscriber Account: Prior registration formality for the creation of a dedicated and personal account necessary for the User in order to access the content of the Site's programs.



3.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern all commercial relations resulting from the Use of the products and services of the Site and/or the Application by Users.

3.2. By using the Site, and in particular subscribing to a Subscription, the User acknowledges being of sound mind, capable of reaching adulthood or being over 16 years old and has obtained the agreement of their legal guardians. The User thus acknowledges having the capacity to contract and is not subject to any legal protection measure for adults as defined in articles 425 et seq. of the Civil Code.

3.3. The Subscription offered on the Site is exclusively reserved for individuals with a state of health presenting no contraindication to the practice of dance, and in particular to the training and exercises offered as part of said dance programs.

3.4. In this context, the User declares, prior to any creation of a Subscriber Account and subscription to the Subscription, to have ensured their physical ability to follow the programs offered by the Site.

3.5. The User undertakes to have previously carried out a medical examination with the aim of issuing a medical certificate not mentioning any contraindication as to the practice of the dance exercises offered by the Site, and this in particular takes into account taking into account a possible state of pregnancy, if applicable.

3.6. If the User does not fully approve the T&Cs, the latter is not authorized to use the Site.


3.8. Any creation of a Subscriber Account or validation of a subscription to a Subscription constitutes accession and unreserved acceptance by the User of the General Terms and Conditions in force on the day of the order, the conservation and reproduction of which are ensured by MAÏGY in accordance with the provisions of the Article 1127-2 of the Civil Code.

3.9. In the context of the use of the Site and their products and services, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • Copy, modify or alter all or part of the Site;

  • Use Services in a manner that is not fair and sincere;

  • Use all or part of the functionalities of the Site in a manner and/or for a purpose contrary to the laws and regulations in force;

  • Collect or collect in any form and for any purpose data, personal or not;

  • Infringe in any way the rights of Users or third parties;

  • Make or utter remarks or distribute in any form whatsoever content infringing in any way the rights of others and in general any content contrary to the laws in force in France;

  • Contravene a legal or regulatory provision in force. The Site and/or the Application reserves the right to monitor compliance with the General Terms and Conditions by Users at any time. Failure to comply with one or other of the stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions automatically terminates the authorization to use the Services offered there and may result in the deletion of the Subscriber Account.



4.1. Subscriptions:


MAÏGY offers various Subscriptions (of varying duration) on its site which always include unlimited access to dance programs. The content of programs and subscriptions is defined in more detail on the Site. The user declares to have read it.


The Subscription is at the User’s choice:

  • Monthly (1 month) per month renewable by tacit agreement.

  • Semi-annual (6 months) for six months, payable in one go, renewable by tacit agreement.

  • Annual (1 year) for twelve months, payable in one installment, renewable by tacit agreement.

  • Triannual (3 years) for thirty-six months, payable in one installment – non-renewable.

The prices indicated allow you to know the monthly price including tax for each formula and any current promotions or savings. 

4.2. MAÏGY reserves the right to delete, modify or replace one or more of the programs and/or Subscriptions offered on the Site, at any time, it being understood that these modifications will not be enforceable against Subscriptions in progress (except in this case). which concerns the content of the programs – example addition or deletion of courses).

4.3. The Subscription purchased is reserved for strictly private, personal and non-commercial use by the User. Under no circumstances can it be shared with third parties. 


4.4. Protection and verification measures have been put in place by the Site. In the event of unauthorized sharing or access of the Subscription by the user for the benefit of third parties, the Site reserves the right to immediately terminate the Subscription and delete the User's Subscriber Account – without possibility of reimbursement of the Subscription remaining for the User.


5.1. Creating a Subscriber Account

5.1.1. Access to and use of Subscriptions requires (1) the creation of a Subscriber Account, (2) full and express acceptance of the General Conditions of Use and Sale and (3) payment of sums due to title of the Subscription chosen by the User.

5.1.2. Any User can create their Subscriber Account free of charge by clicking on “Subscribe” and have access to content that does not require a Subscription. 

5.1.3. The creation of the Subscriber Account requires prior registration of the User resulting in the provision of certain mandatory information, namely: gender, last name, first name, email and password. The User receives an email confirming the creation of their Account. 

5.1.4. Registration requires knowledge and acceptance by the User of the General Conditions of Use and Sale, which results in a checkbox when confirming by the User the creation of the Subscriber Account.

5.1.5. The User undertakes to only communicate accurate, current and complete information, the accuracy, sincerity and reliability of which he guarantees at all times, when creating a Subscriber Account. The User undertakes to proceed without delay with any change to the information concerning him.

5.1.6. The User is solely responsible for the management and confidentiality of his means of authentication (e-mail and password), which are personal and confidential. He alone bears the consequences that may result from the loss, disclosure or fraudulent or illicit use of the means of authentication, the Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible. The User undertakes to inform the Company without delay of any possible loss or disclosure of its means of authentication, and to proceed with the modification by renewal of said means of authentication.

5.1.7. The creation of a Subscriber Account involves, after the stages of registration and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions by the User, the payment of the sums due for the chosen Subscription.



5.2. Choice of monthly, half-yearly, annual or three-yearly subscription

5.2.1. The User has the option of choosing either a monthly Subscription (payable every month) or a half-yearly, annual or three-year Subscription payable in full upon subscription (then tacitly renewed with the exception of the three-year Subscription). Thus, the Subscription comes into force on the date of purchase of the Subscription, that is to say the acceptance of these conditions and its first payment.

5.2.2. The User expressly acknowledges that by subscribing to a Subscription - he undertakes to pay it in full and for the chosen duration, and acknowledges that if he is not of age (18 years of age or over), he has obtained authorization from its legal representatives to take out a Subscription and undertake to pay its price in their presence.

5.2.3. After confirmation of the Subscription details and validation of payment, the User receives an email confirming their subscription reminding them of the terms of use of the chosen Subscription accompanied by the link pointing to the T&Cs which are permanently accessible.


5.3. Tacit renewal of the Subscription

5.3.1. Monthly subscription

Unless terminated by the User before the end of the current subscription period in accordance with the terms provided for in Article 8 “Conditions for termination of a subscription”, any monthly Subscription will be tacitly renewed for a new duration identical to that initially subscribed.

5.3.2. Semi-annual, annual subscription

In accordance with the provisions of articles L.215-1 et seq. of the Consumer Code, in the event that the User has subscribed to a half-yearly (6 months), annual (1 year) Subscription, the latter will receive an e-mail (at earlier three months before and at the latest one month before the end, from the Site notifying him of its right to terminate said Subscription at its end and the conditions associated with it. Concerning the three-year Subscription, the User receives an email indicating the end of the Subscription.

If the User does not cancel the quarterly, half-yearly or annual Subscription within the period indicated in the e-mail, it will be renewed for a new identical duration of six months, 12 months (depending on the Subscription initially chosen) .

5.3. Payment incident

5.3.1. In the absence of total or partial payment of a single installment on the agreed date, access to the programs and all content is suspended until the situation is regularized. The Site will immediately inform the User of the suspension of access to programs and content, indicating that they have one (1) month to regularize the situation. In the absence of regularization within the stipulated period, the Subscription will be automatically terminated by MAÏGY, notwithstanding the latter's right to claim damages due to non-payment of the price.

5.3.2. The User will no longer be able to access their Subscriber Account in the event of an unresolved payment incident.


5.4. Promotional offers – gift card


Promotional offers :

5.4.1. As part of one-off Promotional Offers offered by the Site, the User may wish to immediately benefit from said Offer even though they already have a current Subscription. In this case, the new Subscription taken out at the time of payment of the Offer will only begin to take effect from the end of the first Subscription (which has expired). No compensation can take place, nor any novation of contract.

5.4.2. In any case, if the User wishes to subscribe to a new Subscription while benefiting from a current Subscription, the latter is informed that the start date of the new Subscription is set at the end of the initial Subscription subject to of the termination of the initial Subscription. Under no circumstances will the new Subscription automatically replace the initial Subscription. 

5.4.3. When subscribing to a new Subscription, the User benefiting from a current Subscription subscribed from the Application is informed that he will have to go to his Apple or Google Account in order to notify the termination of the initial Subscription which will take effect at its end.


Gift card with use of an activation code

5.5.4. The beneficiary User may receive a dedicated gift card from a third party with a code to activate. If the gift card activation code is not used during its validity period, the beneficiary User and/or Third Party Subscriber will not be able to claim any refund or exchange unless otherwise agreed with the Site. The gift card is personal and cannot be divided. It cannot be sold, loaned or exchanged. The beneficiary User must accept these General Terms and Conditions to use the gift card.

5.4.5. Activation of the code allows full access to the Site for the duration indicated on the card from the date of activation until the end (date to date). This is not a subscription that can be automatically renewed. At the end of the indicated duration, the beneficiary User may continue if he wishes by directly purchasing a Subscription. In the event of non-use of the gift card during the subscribed period (maximum 12 months), the beneficiary User, nor the Third Party subscriber, will not be able to claim any refund or exchange unless otherwise agreed with the Site. The beneficiary User will have access to his account as a Subscriber Account and must complete and complete the requested information in order to fully benefit from access to the site's services.



5.5. Subscriber Account Features

5.5.1. In particular, the User has access through their Subscriber Account to the history of their usage data since the creation of their Account and the subscription to a Subscription. The purpose of this data is to allow the User to monitor the activity carried out with the Application and its programs.

5.5.2. The usage data accessible from the Subscriber Account are in particular but not limited to the following: 


  • Number of sessions completed for each program; 

  • Number of programs completed by year.

  • Etc.


5.5.3. At his convenience and under his sole initiative, the User also has the possibility of uploading to his Subscriber Account photographs taken before, during and after the completion of the programs, so that he can see its progress.

5.5.4. This data is made accessible only to the User via their Subscriber Account, and is communicated to them for strictly informative and statistical purposes. The User undertakes to only communicate and upload to his Subscriber Account information concerning him personally and photographs representing him exclusively and for which he holds the rights of use and reproduction.


6.1. The price of the Subscription is indicated in Euros, all taxes included (TTC).

6.2. The Site reserves the right to modify the price of the Subscription, and undertakes in this case to communicate to the user any price modification in advance, as well as, where applicable, the terms of acceptance of these changes. Price changes will take effect from the new subscription period following the price change date.

6.3. In the event of non-acceptance of the new prices, the User reserves the right to refuse the modification by terminating their Subscription before the entry into force of the price modification, under the conditions provided for in article 

6.4. Concerning the monthly, half-yearly and annual Subscription;

Payment is made at the time of subscription, by credit card via the secure Stripe payment platform (PSP), on which the User directly provides their bank details and all the necessary information regarding possible payment methods. Payment can also be made via iTunes or Google Play. Under no circumstances will the Site and/or the Company have and will have access to the User's bank details.

Unless terminated by the User within the non-renewal deadline indicated in the confirmation email, payment of the following monthly installments will be automatically made by debit from the same payment method.

Unless terminated by the User within the non-renewal deadline indicated in the confirmation email, the half-yearly or annual Subscription will be tacitly renewed for a new identical period (6, 12 depending on the duration of the chosen subscription) . Consequently, payment of the entire subscription, i.e. six (6), twelve (12) monthly payments will be automatically made by debit from the same payment method. 

6.5. Regarding the three-year subscription

Payment is made in full at the time of subscription, via the secure Stripe payment platform (PSP) on which the User directly enters their bank details for payment in one or three installments if this is possible ( see 6.8). Payment can also be made via iTunes or Google Play. Under no circumstances will the Company have access to the User's bank details.

The three-year formula is not subject to tacit renewal. 

6.6. It is up to the User to update their bank details in a timely manner and to inform MAÏGY thereof, in the same way as any possible payment incident. If your bank details are not updated (particularly in the event of a change of bank card), your account may be suspended until valid details are updated. 




In the event of subscribing to a Subscription remotely, the User has a right of withdrawal in accordance with articles L. 221-18 et seq. of the Consumer Code which can be exercised within fourteen (14) days. from the subscription of the Subscription, even the latter has triggered the immediate provision of the digital content service and has carried out the Programs offered. The date of subscription of the Subscription is the date of payment. From the moment of subscribing to the Subscription, the User will have a period of fourteen (14) days to freely exercise their right of withdrawal on the Subscription taken out, even triggered by use within the said period, in writing to the address Subject to compliance with the conditions stipulated above for exercising the right of withdrawal, the User will be fully reimbursed for the sums paid by him within 14 days from receipt by the Site of the request.


7.2. In the event of purchasing a gift card giving access to the site's services, the User or Third Party Subscriber will have a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase to exercise their right of withdrawal on the card by writing to the Subject to compliance with the conditions stipulated above for exercising the right of withdrawal (7.1), the sums paid will be fully reimbursed (on the account which made the purchase) within 14 days from the date of purchase. receipt by the Site of the request. 



Subscriptions will remain in force and will be tacitly renewed on their anniversary date (with the exception of the three-year Subscription), until their termination by the User or by the Site.


8.1. Termination by the Customer


When the User has taken out a Subscription and paid by credit card or via Paypal via the Site, he has - the option to notify his intention to terminate his subscription from his Subscriber Account, without reason or cost, by clicking on the section “My Memberships” then “Cancel Membership” at least forty-eight (48) hours before the end of the Monthly Subscriptions and at least 5 days before the end of the other Subscriptions.

As Subscriptions are concluded for a fixed period, termination does not take effect at the same time as notification but is fixed at the end of the current subscription period. 

In any case, the termination request does not in any way result in reimbursement to the User of the period remaining until the end of the subscription term. 


8.2. Termination due to the Site

The Site reserves the right to terminate a Subscription at any time and/or close a Subscriber Account in the event of fraudulent or illicit use of a User's means of authentication (user and/or password), in in the event of violation of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as in the event of failure to pay one of the monthly payments, in the event provided for in article 5.4.

In this case, the User acknowledges having been informed that the Subscription will be terminated automatically by MAÏGY, without the possibility for the User to claim any compensation or reimbursement of the subscription period remaining to run on the day of the termination. taking note of the termination.


9.1. PLEASE NOTE: Given the nature of the programs put online by the Site, the User undertakes to adopt reasonable, adequate and thoughtful behavior when viewing and reproducing the sessions.

9.2. The User acknowledges being informed that the sessions posted online cannot be considered as a service but constitute a service of posting standard daily programs and training online and in no way personalized to the person using it.

9.3. Consequently, the User undertakes to follow the recommendations set out by the Site and to respect all the rules of safety, hygiene and behavior reasonably expected of a User when practicing a dancing activity. .

9.4. The User acknowledges that the sessions posted online as part of the Site's programs are offered for entertainment purposes.

9.5. It is up to the User to adapt the exercises, the rest time, according to their state of health and their physical and respiratory capacities according to their rhythm, their strength and their morphology, their state of health. If in doubt, it is up to them to seek advice from their attending physician to ensure the compatibility of the services offered with their state of health.


10.1. MAÏGY provides non-individualized dance programs and is subject to an obligation of means. All information and data published in the Programs on the Site are provided for informational purposes only. The provision of this data cannot be assimilated, in any way whatsoever, to specific advice (in particular medical advice, etc.). The Site cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect. The User therefore uses the Site at his own risk and the Site gives no guarantee on the suitability of the Programs to the User's needs.

10.2. THE USER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THE INFORMATION, PROGRAMS AND SERVICES OFFERED, AND IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY PRIOR TO ANY USE OF THE SUBSCRIPTION THE CONFORMITY AND ADEQUACY OF THE EXERCISE PROGRAMS OFFERED TO HIS/HER NEEDS, ADJUST THEM IF APPROPRIATE, INCLUDING BY SEEKING THE ADVICE OF A HEALTH OR SPORTS PROFESSIONAL IF NECESSARY. Under no circumstances can the Site be held responsible for non-performance of the contract concluded, in the event of termination of the Programs, force majeure, malfunction, disruption or total or partial strike, in particular of the means of telecommunications. The Site will not incur any liability for any indirect damage as a result of this, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or costs.

10.3. The use of the Site and its Services by the User implies knowledge and acceptance by the latter of the characteristics and limits relating to the Internet network, and in particular with regard to its reliability.

10.4. The User is informed that the Company may be required to temporarily interrupt access to the Site for technical reasons, and in particular to carry out maintenance. The User expressly accepts its interruptions and waives any claim on this subject, whatever the circumstances of said interruption.

10.5. The Site cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any network malfunction preventing the proper functioning of the Site, any deletion or loss of data, any consequence of a virus, bug, anomaly or computer failure, as well as more generally for any damage caused to the computer or other equipment used by the User to access the Site - it being understood that this list is not exhaustive.

10.6. Force majeure: any irresistible fact or circumstance, external to the parties, unforeseeable, inevitable, independent of the will of the parties and which cannot be prevented by the latter, despite all reasonably possible efforts, will be considered as a case of force majeure. The party affected by such circumstances will notify the other within ten business days of becoming aware of them. The two parties will then come together, within three months, unless this is impossible due to force majeure, to examine the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which execution of the contract will be continued. If the force majeure lasts longer than one month, these General Terms and Conditions may be immediately terminated by the injured party.


In a non-exhaustive manner, the following are considered as cases of force majeure or fortuitous events, in addition to those which are usually retained by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals: the blocking of means of transport or the Post Office, earthquake, fires, storms , flooding, lightning, shutdown of telecommunications networks or difficulties specific to telecommunications networks external to Users.


11.1. The company names, brands and distinctive signs reproduced on the Site are protected under trademark law and copyright, and are the exclusive property of MAÏGY.

11.2. The Site and all their elements, namely the texts, comments, works, illustrations, recipes, works, images, photographs, videos and all other graphic or visual elements reproduced or represented on the Site are strictly reserved under copyright as well as under Intellectual Property for the entire world.

11.3. The contents of Subscriptions are protected under image rights and copyright in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code in France, and foreign legislation governing intellectual property rights, namely in particular the right to copyright and related rights, design law, patent law and trademark law.

11.4. As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private, personal and non-commercial use subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code is authorized.

11.5. Any reproduction or representation, total or partial, of the Site, their contents, including videos, and any other graphic or visual elements or all or part of the elements found directly on the Site or indirectly linked to the Site is strictly prohibited.


11.6. The User is also prohibited from:

  • Extraction by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the Site and the videos on any other medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever;

  • Reuse, by making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the Website and videos, whatever the form.

11.7. The creation of a hypertext link, even simple, can only be done with the authorization of the Site, and provided that no confusion can exist in the minds of Internet users about the identity of the site or the origin of the information. .


12.1. The User's personal data that may be collected and processed by MAÏGY (namely gender, surname, first name, date of birth, user name, e-mail, postal address and telephone) are necessary for management of the Subscriber Account and subscriptions, and the commercial relations of the Site and the Application.

12.2. They may be transmitted to commercial, technical partners, suppliers and independent third parties (Europe) who contribute to MAÏGY's contractual relations, notably concerning the execution of the Services, the management of the Site, the execution, processing and payment of Subscriptions. . This information and data are also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and as well as to allow the Site and the Application to improve and personalize the Services offered.

12.4. In accordance with the Regulations in force, the User, providing proof of his identity, has a right of access and rectification, and opposition to personal data concerning him. He may require the data controller to, depending on the case, rectify, complete, update or delete personal data concerning him, which are inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, out of date, or whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited.

12.5. In this case, simply make the request by e-mail to

12.6. In accordance with the Regulations in force, the request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity document bearing the signature of the User and specify the address to which the response must be sent. A response will then be sent to you within 2 months of receipt of the request.

12.7. In the same way, the heirs of a deceased person providing proof of their identity may, if elements brought to their attention lead them to presume that the personal data concerning them being processed have not been updated. , require the person responsible for this processing to take the death into consideration and carry out the updates that must result therefrom. When the heirs request it, the data controller must prove, at no cost to the requester, that he has carried out the operations required under the preceding paragraph.

12.8. For purposes of security and reliability of use of the Site and the Application, connection logs linked to Subscriber Accounts will be kept for 3 months. 



13.1. In accordance with article 1316-2 of the Civil Code, the parties intend to establish, in the context of the services, the rules relating to the evidence admissible between them in the event of a dispute and their probative force. The following provisions thus constitute the proof agreement entered into between the parties, who undertake to respect this article.

13.2. The Site and the User undertake to accept that in the event of a dispute, the data from any computer, digital, e-mail recording as well as any element transmitted by the customer constitute proof of acceptance of these General Conditions of Use and Sale. The Parties irrevocably accept that in the event of a dispute, the scope of these documents, information and recordings is that granted to an original, in the sense of a written paper document, signed by hand.




14.1. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to French law.

14.2 In the event of a dispute between the professional and the consumer, the latter will endeavor to find an amicable solution.

14.3. In the absence of an amicable agreement, the consumer has the possibility of contacting the consumer mediator to whom the professional reports, namely the Association of European Mediators (AME CONSO), free of charge, within one year of the complaint. written addressed to the professional.

The referral to the consumer mediator must be made:

- either by completing the form provided for this purpose on the AME CONSO website: 

- or by mail addressed to AME CONSO, 11 Place Dauphine – 75001 PARIS.

Online Dispute Resolution Platform: In accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013, the European Commission has set up an Online Dispute Resolution platform, facilitating the independent out-of-court settlement of disputes online between consumers and professionals in the European Union. This platform is accessible at the following link:

14.4. Any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation, execution, non-execution of these General Conditions of Use and Sale governing the relationship between the Site and the User will be submitted to the Courts within the jurisdiction of the Defendant.


Online date: 07/10/2023

Date of last update: 07/10/2023

The Site is published by MAÏGY, Maïna Vila Cobarsi & Angelique Pernottte.



Editor and publication director: MAÏGY

Contact details of the site host: WIX

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