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How it works?

Do you want to progress at home? Work on your solo dancing to be better as a couple?

We offer you online WCS lady styling courses that you can follow from home, alone. 


We have put together different programs for you, on two levels, so that you can work on each point at your own pace.

The videos vary from 10 to 20 minutes: ideal to fit into your schedule.

Don't wait any longer and join the ladies community!

Here you can download an excel file to track your progress in our online courses. 


Choose your level and start the program.


I started west coast swing in September and I want to improve further to be more comfortable in the evening, as well as to offer variations without disturbing the dancer.


I gained some fluidity and improved my connections. I am able to perform more complex movements. I am starting to master musicality, placements and certain combinations. I like to regularly explore WCS evenings to practice and perfect my dancing.


Find several themes:

Musicality, technique, blues, mindset, line dance and a “bonus” theme.


“I watched the test video on your site, it’s really GREAT!
Very clear explanations and said slowly. This please me a lot "


“Well for now I’m super happy, it totally meets what I was waiting for to develop my dancing. There’s really a lot of content, it’s incredible what you’ve done.”


“Thank you girls for all these workshops  I started with 2 beginner videos and it feels good to clarify styling that we have been doing for a long time but which is not always precise in the timing.
Can't wait to continue  »
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